911 Addressing

Obtain a valid 911 address once your deed has been recorded. You can apply for an address.
This allows us to place the new structure in the correct location.

When requesting a 911 address please make sure you have the following ready when you call:

1.   PIN, Parcel, Map or Tax ID number – can be any one of these.
2.  Driveway location – you can email your site plan or for an approximate location you can reference a parcel line, stream or neighbor’s driveway with distances. Just be aware that your address may change if your driveway location moves.
3.  An email address & daytime phone number.
4.  If you do not use email we will need your current mailing address.

You can email a request with the above information.

Each road in Snyder County is setup with an address range. If a road named Main St starts at 1 and ends at 100 and your address is 50 Main St the responders know you are ½ mile down the road on the right. These ranges generally run from west to east and south to north. Odds on the left and evens on the right. The addresses can be assigned every 5.28, 10.56 or 52.8 feet along a road. These differences allow for rural areas and medium to high density areas as well as future growth.

The county’s dispatch system and GPS navigation systems use this method. It’s designed to place first responders at your driveway entrance or doorway without delay – each road name and house number is unique to that structure.

If a driveway is shared with 2 or more addressable structures it becomes a private road, receives a road name and the structures are addressed with the new road name.

Begin using your 911 address immediately – post it.
It is important that you have a valid 911 address, know it, post it and use it.

If you fail to post your address, leave an old number posted or post a wrong number there is a possibility the responders may have trouble finding you when you really need their help.

Contact Information

Snyder County GIS Department
phone: (570) 374-5290

Union County GIS Department
phone (570) 524-8739
fax: (570) 524-8732

email: gis@snydercounty.org

GIS Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

All other days and times please leave a message.